The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

The Psychology of Security

Greg Sternberg
Solutions/Security Architect, Jeppesen, USA

Information security often overlooks what motivates people. Everything people do is for a reason - we may not agree with the reason, or even fully realize it, but the reason exists. The fact is we have to contend with thousands of years of instinct and basic human nature. Psychology can help us understand how best to work with our users to improve security.

Greg Sternberg

Greg Sternberg is a Solutions/Security Architect for Jeppesen, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing. He regularly interacts with all facets of software engineering to address security and architectural issues. He is actively involved in Jeppesen’s Security CoP and was instrumental in adding security and compliance processes to Jeppesen’s standardized software process. He serves as security consultant for a variety of outside groups and individuals, has written articles and taught classes. He currently holds a CISSP and is TOGAF certified and is an active member of ISSA and the ISSA Connect Council.

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