The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Capability Based Planning ­ can it help me demonstrate my contribution to the organization’s performance?
Jason Uppal
Chief Architect, QRS, Canada

Motivation: Capability Based Planning is included in TOGAF® 9 specification under Guidelines and Techniques.

The focus of this tutorial is to provide practical know-how in how to use Capability Based Planning to deliver tangible business value from your EA Discipline.

Key Topics

  • Review principles of Capability Based Planning (CBP) and why CBP is significant?
  • Define Capabilities from Enterprise Architect’s point of view and Discuss explicit link between Capabilities and Architecture Requirements
  • Discuss how capabilities are planned, developed and exploited
  • Discuss Custodianship of Capabilities and Enterprise Agility
  • How can we measure Enterprise Architect’s Performance using Organization’s Capability Based Performance Metrics?
  • Case Study: Health Care ­ strategic intent: optimize care on the bedside
    • Discuss Capabilities required to optimize care on the bedside
    • Define Architecture Requirements for each Capability
    • Define Target capability for each

PhotoJason Uppal

Jason Uppal, P.Eng. was the first Master IT Architect certified by The Open Group, by direct review, in October 2005.  At that point, Jason had been chief architect of QR Systems Inc ( for six years and had been providing senior Enterprise Architecture services.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, graduate degree in Economics and a post graduate diploma in Computer Science.

Jason’s commitment to Enterprise Architecture Life Cycle (EALC) has led him to focus on training (TOGAF®), education (UOIT) and mentoring services to his clients as well as being the responsible individual for both Architecture and Portfolio & Project Management for a number of major projects.

Jason has found that education is only beneficial to those companies who can industrialize the EALC process – staff must be able to implement what they have learned.  To that end, he lead a team of java software developers to develop an end to end industrialization product which encapsulates Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio and Project Management, Project Management and  IT Services Management processes.  Implementing this software product, ITO, ( permits companies to take full advantage of TOGAF® and any other custom processes which might already be in place within their organization

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