The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Evolution of an Architect Profession
Christina Woodbridge
IBM WW Architect Profession Leader, IBM, USA

The IBM Architect profession was announced by IBM in 1992 in response to client demands for expertise in a number of disciplines involved in client-related professional engagements. The need for professionals who can apply broad and extensive information technology expertise to the solution of business problems lead to the creation of the IT Architect profession.

Since then the practice of architecture has evolved from the domain of IT into Enterprise and Business Architectures. This presentation describes the changes made to the IBM Architect Profession to update and extend the current model to support the expanding responsibilities for our Architects.

Christina Woodbridge

Cristina Woodbridge is the Worldwide Architect Profession Leader and an Executive Architect in IBM. Her responsibilities include managing the ongoing IBM Architect professional development programs deployed worldwide in IBM, reviewing and approving skill and experience requirements, professional education, and certification programs to ensure geography and business unit consistency and maintenance of profession standards and vitality.

Cristina is an IBM Senior Certified Architect and a member of the IBM Americas Architect Certification Review Board. She is an Open Group Distinguished Certified IT Architect by and is the Certification Program Manager for IBM's Open Group Accredited Architect Certification program. She has also participated as a board member for The Open Group Direct Certification boards.

Cristina has more than twenty-five years experience in the IT industry. She began her IBM career in Argentina. Her background includes various technical and managerial roles in and outside of IBM. She was a Lead Architect for the IBM Healthcare practice in the Western United States before assuming her current responsibilities. She has a strong background in the profession specializing in Application Architecture

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