Real Time and Embedded Solutions San Diego 2015 Agenda

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Public Sessions

Public Program - Plenaries and Tracks

Monday - February 2 

Dependability through Assuredness™: The Cybersecurity Connection

See Public Program, and Multiple decurity Track Sessions - Risk, Dependability and Trusted Technology, Supply Chain, O-DA Standard

RTES Monday 2 February 1400-1730

1400 -1530 The Dependability through Assuredness Std: Overview and Future, Ed Roberts, Elparazim

1530 -1600 Break

1600 -1645 Current Research in High Assurance, Rance DeLong, The Open Group

1645 -1730 How High Assurance should be used by Enterprise Architects, Bill Brierly, Conexiam

Tuesday - February 3 - 09:00 - 17:30

All day dedicated to the Mils effort. We will cover High Assurance, Assurance Cases, D-MILS, Euro MILS, Multicore, RTOSs (SEL4) and the efforts at ISO/ CCRA.

0900-0945 Euro-MILS, Kevin Mueller, AirBus Group

0945-1030 D-MILS, Rance DeLong, The Open Group

1030-1100 Break

1100-1145 Multicore, Patrick Huyck (Rance DeLong)

1145-1230 RTOS SEL4, Dylan McNamee, Galois

1230-1400 Lunch

1400-1530 Mils™ Rance DeLong, The Open Group

1530-1600 Break

1600-1700 Mils(continued) – (Rance DeLong)

1700-1730 Other MILS Applications – Rob Hoffman, High Assurance Systems

Wednesday - February 4 

We will have a joint SAE AADL/RTES Forum track with a focus on development of applications/tools that include security, dependability and safety. –Extract from SAE 

ADDL Agenda

  • 0900-0930: Architecture Centric Virtual Integration (ACVIP) and AADL (Bruce Lewis)
  • 0930-1000: Ocarina Overview & Update (Jerome Hugues)
  • 1000-1030: RAMSES Overview & Update (Etienne Borde)
  • 1030-1100: Coffee break
  • 1100-1130: OSATE Overview (Julien Delange)
  • 1130-1200: Integrating AADL analysis - AADL Inspector and STOOD (Pierre Dissaux)
  • 1200-1230: MASIW – IMA Design, Analysis and Implementation Tool Environment (Alexey  Khoroshilov)
  • 1230-0200: lunch
  • 0200-0230: Integrating Safety and Assurance Analysis Tools: building safe and secure systems with AADL (Julien Delange)
  • 0230-0300: Modeling Health Monitoring and Fault Tolerance Policies (Jerome Hugues)
  • 0300-0330: Building IMA and MILS platform from AADL using AADL and DeOS (Julien Delange)
  • 0300-0400: Coffee Break
  • 0400-0430: AADL verification and certification with the FDA (Brian Larson)
  • 0430-0500: Requirements and Architecture


RTES/SAE AADL – with pizza, beer and soda – Jam Session on Tools for High Assurance to includeCertification.

Thursday, February 5 

0900- 1130 Morning - Update on the EC Projects,

Update on RT Java and then a discussion on the way forward.

0900-0945 EC Project Update, Scott Hansen, The Open Group

0945-1030 RT Java Update, Dr James Hunt, aicas

Updated as of 1 Feb 2015