The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group

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Working for Secure Cloud Architecture Enabled by Open Systems

The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group exists to create a common understanding among buyers and suppliers of how enterprises of all sizes and scales of operation can include Cloud Computing technology in a safe and secure way in their architectures to realize its significant cost, scalability and agility benefits. It includes some of the industry’s leading Cloud providers and end-user organizations, collaborating on standard models and frameworks aimed at eliminating vendor lock-in for enterprises looking to benefit from Cloud products and services.

Participants can:

  • Stay up-to-date on Cloud Computing and make better-informed decisions
  • Gain competitive advantage through early knowledge and market insights
  • Network with a world-class community of experts and peers, and leverage their knowledge and experience
  • Increase confidence in decision making and determining ROI
  • Reduce risk and avoid vendor lock-in
  • Lead the development of open standards and certifications

For more details on our activities, see the public area of our Cloud Computing Work Group members site. The results of our work are on the Web and available from The Open Group Bookstore

We welcome everyone from any member company of The Open Group who wants to contribute to our work or influence our direction and effectiveness. If your organization is a Platinum or Gold member of The Open Group, you can join the Cloud Computing Work Group by subscribing to the Cloud-wg list via your Platinum or Gold Personal Membership area. If your organization is a Silver or Academic member, you should write to the Forum Director for Cloud Computing , asking to subscribe. If your organization is not yet a member, find out about membership!

For more information, contact us.