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Biner Consulting

At Biner Consulting we work with our clients to achieve Business Transformation through the use of Change Management and Enterprise Architecture. Biner Consulting’s key strengths are their highly skilled and experienced consultants and their relationships and cooperation within the Enterprise Architecture community. Biner Consulting provide high quality consultancy services and training for organizations that work towards developing effectiveness through Enterprise Architecture.

TOGAF 9 Accredited Training CourseBiner Consulting’s Enterprise Architecture training programs enable growth and development among the participants helping them become practicing professionals. We hold a variety of Enterprise Architecture courses, including those with internationally recognized certifications. Through providing consulting, mentoring and training, Biner Consulting enables our clients to deliver value to their organizations.

TOGAF™9 Training Course

TOGAF 9 Accredited Training CourseEnterprise Architecture (EA) is best described as an organisation-wide architecture for both the business and IT. It helps describe complex connections, reduce costs, and simplify change. TOGAF is a framework and a method used to create, maintain and apply EA. It has been developed over a number of years through participation and cooperation from prominent Enterprise Architects. EA through TOGAF creates an environment for the business to meet and exceed the increased demand on flexibility and efficiency within today’s organizations.

TOGAF 9 Accredited Training CourseThe TOGAF 9 course is divided in two levels; Foundation and Certified. the Foundation level covers the fundamentals of TOGAF 9 whilst the Certified level goes into more depth and detail of the framework and method. Biner Consulting's TOGAF™9 Training Course is an Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course and complies with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group TOGAF Certification for People program.

We offer the flexibility to sign-up and attended the TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified courses separately within Scandinavia. Outside Scandinavia we offer a combined course that cover both TOGAF 9 Foundation and Certified.

Consultancy Services

Biner Consulting provide mentoring and consultancy in the establishment and use of Enterprise Architecture. Biner Consulting can tailor programs of training, developing client specific case studies and materials as appropriate.

If you are interested in providing value both at an organizational level, as well as at an employee level, contact Biner Consulting. We work with architecture teams as well as business employees focusing on project management, operations management and technical management.


For more information, please contact Biner Consulting at or by calling +46 31 743 0780. You can also visit our homepage at

Biner Consulting

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