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Enterprise Architecture is a hot topic nowadays. The managerial challenge regarding Enterprise Architecture is depicted is the following picture.

Getronics Consulting distinguishes it selves with a pragmatic approach - translating business goals into tangible solutions using "The Open Group Architecture Framework" (TOGAF™), the open standard for Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture is the essential foundation for a powerful IT Architecture. The first step in the Getronics approach is creating awareness and determining the organizations vision on Enterprise Architecture. Together with the CEO the business concepts are determined. Knowing different markets and industries from inside is a big advantage Getronics brings. Then our Enterprise Architects guide and coach the business executives in practically applying what TOGAF has to offer, using the current situation of the organization as a starting point. We help our clients making the right decisions, analyzing the consequences together. The architectures resulting from this effort make it possible to quickly estimate the impact of changes and makes sure the organization is ready for the future.

One of the architectures delivered by this approach is the Business Architecture, for instance testing the organizational structure and business plans for the future against the Enterprise Architecture. Is the current organization able to fulfill its ambition in the long-term? Outcome of this test can be a change in the organizational structure, or maybe the establishment of a cultural program to involve the employees in the new course of the organization.

Then the approach delivers an Application and Infrastructure Architecture, linked to the Business Architecture. The hard- and software need to be flexible enough to support the business towards the future. By selecting the right standards for the organization now, the next years are already outlined.

Getronics Consulting distinguishes itself as one of a few suppliers being able to support clients at all levels, thus making Enterprise Architecture tangible. From idea through design to implementation and management. From application bus to server. From TOGAF to ITIL® and education. This way Getronics Consulting is giving customers maximum insight, translating data in management information.

Getronics Consulting offers:

Courses in:
  • Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF 8 & 9:
    • TOGAF 8 Certified;
    • TOGAF 9 Foundation;
    • TOGAF 9 Advanced;
    • TOGAF 9 Advanced Bridge.
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