UNIX® Cloud Solutions

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UNIX, A Robust Platform for Cloud

Cloud computing has come of age and is the solution of choice for CIOs looking to maximize use of resources while minimizing capital spend.[i] Cloud solutions, whether it is infrastructure, platform or service, have the appeal of business agility without having to understand what is "under the hood". However, what’s under the hood becomes even more important in a Cloud environment because there can be multiple services running with potential impact on numerous customers and the services provided to them. 

The Cloud needs to be highly available, scalable, secure, and robust for high-demand computing.  A certified UNIX® OS can provide this and enables companies to innovate in the Cloud.  A CIO would be looking at each element of the stack with a high degree of assurance that the Cloud solution has been well tested and has proven system and application interoperability, which also simplifies solution integration. The UNIX OS amplifies this simplicity delivering peace of mind for IT directors and above.

HPE, IBM, and Oracle have expanded their services offerings to deliver UNIX mission-critical cloud and enterprise infrastructure, including their branded systems.  These UNIX Cloud solutions help their customers continue to scale while delivering business continuity and a low total cost of ownership.[ii]

Supporting Quotes

Customers will greatly benefit from a cloud computing strategy that allows them to derive additional value from their on-prem IBM Unix-AIX infrastructure while allowing agility and innovation through public cloud applications. The value of a hybrid cloud strategy is seen when customers can run big data workloads where the data lives - whether that is on-prem or in the public cloud - and it all works seamlessly together. IBM Power Systems enables a hybrid cloud deployment model that connects applications on Linux servers in the Cloud (Public, Dedicated or on-Perm) with critical workloads running on IBM Unix-AIX servers.

IBM Unix - AIX customers can greatly benefit from open source automation and management software packages, e.g. Open Stack, Chef, Cloud-init, Yum. These packages enable customers to access capabilities and industry open source skills, thus improving total cost of ownership. Consistent with this customer need, IBM intends to enable a set of key open source packages on AIX."
-- Satya Sharma, Fellow and CTO, Power Systems, IBM.

The cloud services enabled by Solaris provide the massive scaling for Verizon’s 135 million customers and 180,000 employees needed to speed service delivery and to maintain Verizon’s competitive edge. Using Solaris’ and SPARC’s innovative virtualization technologies and Oracle-supported OpenStack, Verizon serves both customers and employees with a UNIX-based cloud infrastructure that implements enhanced agility, superior performance, easy maintainability, and effective cost control.
-- Chris Riggin, Enterprise Architect at Verizon.

More Information

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