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The purpose of The Open Group's Open Platform 3.0™ Forum is to help organizations to take advantage of the convergence of modern technologies like Cloud, Social, Mobile Computing and Big Data.

This will be accomplished by identifying a set of new platform capabilities, and architecting and standardizing an IT platform by which enterprises can reap the business benefits of Open Platform 3.0.


The benefits of Open Platform 3.0 Forum are to enable organizations to:

  • Process data “in the Cloud”
  • Integrate mobile devices with enterprise computing
  • Incorporate new sources of data, including social media and sensors in the Internet of Things
  • Manage and share data that has high volume, velocity, variety, and distribution
  • Turn the data into usable information through correlation, fusion, analysis, and visualization


The first deliverables will analyze the use of Cloud, Social, and Mobile Computing, and Big Data, and describe the business benefits that enterprises can gain from them.

The Forum will then proceed to describe the new IT platform in the light of this analysis. The Open Platform 3.0 Forum incorporates The Open Group's existing Cloud and IoT Work Groups.

The Cloud Computing Work Group is a work group of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum.

The Internet of Things Work Group (formerly the Quantum Lifecycle Management - QLM - Work Group) is a work group of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum, and is defining standards for lifecycle management in the Internet of Things.

The Open Platform 3.0 Forum coordinates with other forums for specific overlapping or cross-cutting activities.


The Open Platform 3.0 Forum consists of Platinum, Silver and Gold members. View our members here

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