The Open Group Work Groups

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Take an active role in leading the development of open standards

The Open Group Work Groups are vendor-neutral environments where members share knowledge and resources, and collaborate on developing open IT standards and certifications. Formed at the request of at least two member organizations, most Work Groups are open to all members in addition to their Open Group Forum entitlements, and there is no limit to the number of Work Groups members may join.

The Open Group Work Groups tend to incubate and explore broad-reaching areas of interest, which extend across The Open Group’s main Forum activities and areas of focus. A Work Group may eventually become a Forum, or conclude its lifecycle once exploration and activity is completed.

Members who actively participate in The Open Group Work Groups will benefit from the exchange of best practices with experts and peers, professional growth, and influence in the competitive environment. The Open Group Work Groups welcome the active participation of all members. Join us and get involved.

Work Groups open to all members of The Open Group:

Work Groups open to Platinum members of The Open Group:


Enabling Boundaryless Information Flow™
San Diego, CA, USA
February 2-5, 2015

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