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The Architecture Forum has developed and is evolving a comprehensive enterprise architecture framework to enable businesses to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation, while also taking into consideration the constantly changing needs of the business environment. A certification program supports the framework.


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Members can enter their member area of the web site here here (password protected)

read down Architecture Forum Vision
The Architecture Forum is recognized as the leading global Enterprise Architecture organization.

read down Architecture Forum Mission
The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information FlowTM for and between enterprises through a set of programs that focus on all architectural aspects of Boundaryless Information Flow. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing both broad and deep leadership to the architecture community on its path to becoming a profession
  • Validating, publishing, fostering, and maintaining best practices for architecture
  • Developing, organizing, researching, and publishing thought leaders and leadership in architecture
  • Initiating and managing programs and projects to support these activities

What we do
The Forum brings together customers, vendors, consultants, governments and academia to work on:

TOGAF® (The Open Group Architecture Framework) : A comprehensive architecture framework and methodology which enables the design, evaluation and implementation of the right architecture for an enterprise. more

Download our TOGAF® case study materials here here (requires Architecture Forum Member access)

Download TOGAF® 9.1 here
(You can still download TOGAF® 8 here)

TOGAF® Certification : An assurance program providing four classes of certification: Certified, Tool Support, Training and Professional Services. It is used by architecture service providers, tool vendors and individual enterprise architects more

IT customer organizations who wish to base their Enterprise Architecture work on the open, industry standard TOGAF® can now procure tools, training, and professional services on the basis of certified conformance with the TOGAF® standards.
list of current TOGAF® Commercial Licensees

IT Architecture Practice : Supporting the establishment of a skills and experience-based The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) Program, that provides a foundation for trust between suppliers and customers; and collaborating with other leading standards bodies to make IT architecture a professional discipline .

Architecture Tools : Promoting the availability of effective tools for enterprise architecture.

Current Projects

  • TOGAF® Adoption working group - sharing adoption experience and developing adoption strategies.
  • Information Architecture working group - investigating emerging standards and frameworks on information architecture and tying it back to a TOGAF® context.
  • NGOSS/TOGAF® Mapping project - bringing two industry frameworks together .
  • Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference Working Group - providing input to the conference team on how organize the quartlerty conferences.
  • Localization - developing a number of translated versions of the TOGAF® Pocket Guide and more...
  • TOGAF® certification - maintaining and enhancing the TOGAF® certification program.
  • Case studies - developing templates to encourage more case studies.
  • White papers - a collection of supporting material for TOGAF®
  • TOGAF® Strategy - formulating a long term strategy for TOGAF®.
  • Coordination activities - with the SOA and Business Architecture working groups.


Forum Notices

  Forum members' site

The Forum has worldwide and cross industry representation, with over 200 organizations participating in its activities. List of members.

Key Accomplishments
TOGAF® 9 -- a major revision of TOGAF®. TOGAF® 9 provides a wide-ranging set of revisions to improve the value of the TOGAF® framework: It is an evolution from TOGAF® 8.1.1,, thereby preserving existing investment in TOGAF®, and adds further detail and clarification to what is already proven more

Business Executive's Guide to IT Architecture
A brochure which explains why IT architecture is crucial to the success of your business, and describes The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) and how it can help to deliver an effective IT architecture.

The Forum has produced a wide variety of publications, many of which are available online, as well as in hard copy form.

In the News

The Architecture Forum and TOGAF® feature prominently in news about The Open Group.

Useful Links

Other information

Standards Information Base (SIB)
A database that can dynamically generate lists, structured according to the TOGAF® taxonomy of services, of all the standards for use in open systems architecture. A highly effective procurement tool. (Under revision)



  The Forum welcomes participation by all interested parties. If you would like to influence the direction and outcome of the Forum, have early access to specifications and participate in defining industry standards, join The Open Group.
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