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Architecting Business Solutions for an Agile World

Suresh Cherusseri
Chief Architect, Tata Consultancy Services, India

Kalyan Raman
Chief Technology Officer at The Nielsen Company

In today's world the speed of change in the business ecosystem is much higher than what it was before. This is primarily driven by the technology advancement, globalized economy and a demanding knowledgeable customer. This requires a scientific way of architecting the business for changes a high degree of innovative customer solutions. In this presentation, we will discuss and illustrate with examples how an architecture framework can be leveraged to keep track of the changes in the ecosystem and how systematically the business capabilities required for the company can be mapped to business functions and business processes that deliver these business capabilities. We will discuss how three critical tenants -- agility, efficiency and adoptability -- are maintained in converting these business capability needs into well architected solutions leveraging existing capabilities and bridging the gaps to move towards a self optimizing enterprise

Suresh CherusseriSuresh Cherusseri is an architect with 21+ years experiance in architecting, managing and delivering business solutions to customers across different geographic areas and domains. He has been the Practice Head EAI and Practice Director BIPM for Tata Consultancy Services in North America. He has also played the role of Director Innovation for a very large customer of TCS before taking up the current responsibility as Chief Architect of iQMS


Kaylan RamanKalyan Raman, Chief Technology Officer at The Nielsen Company drives the values of open, simple, integrated technology environment by defining technology standards and by bringing new technology capabilities to support new business models and opportunities. Prior to becoming CTO, he worked as part Nielsen Online team to deploy solutions focused on dramatically reducing cycle time. Kalyan brings in 15+ years of industry experience and has established a Business Intelligence practice in North America for a leading consulting firm. He has successfully led large complex data warehousing programs worldwide. Kalyan holds masters and doctoral degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. His research interests include algorithms and optimization.

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