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Modeling Complex Data Usage with ArchiMate

Tom Clarke
Software Architect and Data Analyst, Standard Insurance Company, US

Rosie Payne
Data Analyst and Architect, Standard Insurance Company, US

The TOGAF Data Dissemination Diagram relates information to busines services and application components. However, the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework provides only a general diagram description. This case study uses elements of five ArchiMate viewpoints to rigorously express the intent of the TOGAF description and model the flow of data through a complex interactive process.

Tom Clarke is a software architect and data analyst at Standard Insurance Company. He works on group insurance solutions as well as enterprise modeling methods and tools.

Rosie Payne is a data analyst and data architect at Standard Insurance Company. Rosie is a member of Standard’s Model Advisory Group. As a participant in the ArchiMate meta-model focus group, she is active in the development of Casewise and ArchiMate standards and adoption, particularly as it relates to data, mnemonics, visualization, and communication.

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