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  Cloud Computing Track    

Paths to Creating Successful Cloud Computing Solutions

The Cloud track will explore the factors for architecting and developing successful Cloud Computing solutions that meet enterprise and industry business and technical objectives.
The pace of cloud computing solutions and usage across the industry shows no signs of slowing up. The challenge for consumers and providers of Cloud Computing is how to manage the growth and build successful transitions to the cloud where it matters.
Architecture and standards play a critical role in Cloud Computing. The Open Group and the Cloud Computing Work Group have been leading significant developments in this area. The Cloud track is designed to help attendees traverse and learn about the critical factors and issues at this juncture of the industry.

Themes include
· Developing architecture designs that work in Cloud Computing
· Adoption issues and challenges to Cloud Computing, achieving success – a look at the new book by The Open Group
· Enterprise architecture and Cloud Computing reference models - a look at TOGAF® and Cloud Computing
· New business model innovation – how Cloud Computing is changing the game
· New ecosystem approaches to Cloud Computing
· Business metrics for Cloud Computing effectiveness measuring
· SOA and Cloud Computing standards and methodologies

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