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Business Architecture Building Blocks

Kevin Daley
Chief Architect, Business Architecture - Industry Asset Solutions, Global Innovation and Technology Group, IBM

Dave van Gelder
Global Architect, Capgemini

Business Architecture as a design discipline has been significantly reinventing itself over the last decade. A vast amount of opinion still exists even with the continuing drive towards a consistent definition, common usage and accepted business relevancy for business architecture.

During this interactive session, we will lay out a definition structure to help frame the session and then discuss and exchange ideas and views regarding levels of business architecture and the building blocks that could support each conceptual level. Topics include:

  • What is the definition of business architecture at the highest level and what is a logical decomposition based on experiences in the field today? This definition-based structure provides insight into the layers and focus areas where business architecture is being practiced today.
  • What are some key areas of concern and interaction involved with a holistic Business Architecture? This section will provide a common context for identifying building blocks that could matter for a business architecture at varying levels.
  • Using a sample set of business architecture building blocks, survey the session attendees as to each building block's value to the business architecture and at what levels does it operate?

This session will be facilitated by Kevin Daley and Dave van Gelder. They will share current contextual positioning from the Business Forum and invite your active attendee participation to review, validate, and extend the Business Forum’s point of view as well as help define the focus for the Business Architecture Working Group in 2011 and beyond.

Kevin DaleyKevin Daley is a Chief Architect in the Innovation and Technology Group of IBM Global Business Services. He focuses on Business and Solution Architecture for Industry. Kevin is a former c-level business executive with over thirty years of experience in business strategy and optimization, performance engineering, information design, software platform implementation and continuous process improvement.

Dave van GelderDave van Gelder joined Capgemini in 1985. He is concerned with Architecture Design and consultancy in those cases were an integrated view in relation with business processes is needed, he was a co-developer of Capgemini’s Architecture approach IAF and has designed and performed all kinds of Architecture trainings, including TOGAF 8.1 and TOGAF 9 trainings. He is the chair of the Business Architecture Work Group of the Open Group.

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