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Cloud Strategy Workshop

Nitin Keskar
Principal Enterprise Architect, Cisco Systems

The Cloud hype is over, and reality has begun. Much has been written about “Cloud”, yet many organizations are finding it hard to turn it into reality. This is a pragmatic, accelerated workshop to chart out a future-proof strategy and architectural blueprint that you can use to build effective Cloud solutions to meet your business-IT needs.Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • How to achieve tangible business benefits from a Cloud deployment
  • Choosing the right type of Cloud for your specific needs
  • How to manage the key challenges around manageability and security

Nitin Keskar, Ph.D. is an experienced IT strategist and enterprise architect with a proven track record building high-ROI business solutions for clients from multiple industry verticals. He has held a number of key roles focusing on growing and transforming businesses, enabled by technology, building high-performance global teams and making the customer central to the business.

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