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The Actionable Use of TOGAF® to Define an Enterprise Architecture Engaging the Cloud Context

Tom Plunkett
Senior Solution Consultant Public Sector - DoD, Oracle

Nikhil Kumar
President, Applied Technology Solutions, Inc

TOGAF® is an overarching architectural framework for Enterprise Architecture, using the ADM (Architecture Delivery Methodology) to define architectures for all 4 domains in Enterprise architecture – business architecture, data architecture, application architecture and technology architecture. The TOGAF ADM extends this to provide a framework for building architectural artifacts and defining an organizations Enterprise Architecture. The Enterprise Continuum provides a body of knowledge to develop architectural artifacts, stored in an Architectural Repository of knowledge using the ADM. Using the ADM and the Enterprise Continuum we can define Generic, Specific and Solution Architectures.

Cloud computing, building on SOA, provides a new architectural capability which impacts all the 4 domains of Enterprise Architecture. Duty to the breadth of its impact, across the Enterprise Continuum, Cloud Computing provides some unique perspectives from a TOGAF context.

This presentation provides an overview of applying TOGAF from an organizational EA context to create a future state Enterprise Architecture strategy. It walks the ADM through definition of the Business, Data, Technology and Application Architectures. It reflects a perspective on Cloud Computing in the context of a Service Oriented Enterprise in terms of managed services. The presentation will let attendees appreciate the impact of the cloud at different levels – from a business, data, application and technology perspective.

Tom Plunkett is a senior solution consultant with Oracle's DoD technology team, specializing in Cloud Computing and SOA. Tom is a co-author of “SOA and Cloud Computing” which is scheduled for release in 2011 as part of the Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series. He has written and published technical documents on topics such as Cloud Computing, Java, and SOA.

Tom has been involved in all phases of the software development lifecycle, including research and development, and filing patents on software inventions. He has spoken around the world at conferences and workshops on Cloud Computing, Java, and SOA. He has taught academic courses for Virginia Tech's Computer Science Department and professional courses for corporations.



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