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Establishing and Evolving Architecture Expertise Across a Global Organization

Rolf Siegers
Lead, Raytheon Mission Architecture Program, Raytheon

Raytheon began its 'architecture journey' years ago when Corporate Engineering, Technology & Mission Assurance (ET&MA) executive leadership defined a vision to establish and evolve architecture capabilities across the Raytheon enterprise. Since then, Raytheon has enhanced its architecture competencies through a set of company-wide initiatives including:

  • Raytheon Certified Architect Program (RCAP)
  • Raytheon Enterprise Architecture Process (REAP)
  • Corporate Architecture Review Board (ARB)
  • Raytheon Reference Architectures
  • Architecture Collaboration Tool & Repository
  • Collaboration with government, industry, academia, and architecture standards organizations

These initiatives are major contributors in support of the development of the highly complex systems and enterprise architectures needed to fulfill Raytheon's customers' mission and operational requirements. This presentation will overview these architecture competency growth initiatives and summarize their scope, synergies, and lessons learned.

Rolf SiegersRolf Siegers joined Raytheon in 1984 and currently leads the company-wide Raytheon Mission Architecture Program (RayMAP), a set of initiatives addressing architecture governance, assessment, process, training & certification, collaborations, reference architectures, and tools. Rolf is an Engineering Fellow, a Raytheon Certified Architect, Open Group Master Certified IT Architect and a member and past Chair of Raytheon's corporate Architecture Review Board.

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