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Applying TOGAF® Architecture Development Method and ArchiMate® to Your Organization

Om Singh
IT Architecture, Dean Foods Company

Have you ever wondered how you can start an EA practice and drive value in an organization? In this presentation, you will learn about the various abstraction levels of architecture and how Dean Foods made use of the TOGAF Architecture Development Method and applied it to their organization using the ArchiMate framework. Most architecture practices are not able to deliver value and are ineffective because they fail to apply the TOGAF Architecture Development Method at the right level. The TOGAF Architecture Development Method is the accepted industry standard for developing an enterprise architecture and with the right mapping and right tools it can be used to create the final product using popular frameworks like TOGAF, Zachman, FEAF, etc.
The session will highlight:

  • Brief background about Dean Foods
  • Different abstraction levels in architecture
  • How Dean Foods applied the right abstraction level using ArchiMate to deliver value
  • An example of an Architecture Vision Document and how it looks like in ArchiMate
  • Lessons learned
  • Next steps in our journey

Om Singh is responsible for establishing the EA practice at Dean and taking it through various levels of maturity so that Dean can leverage the optimal value from EA as it transforms itself to become the best dairy company in the world.

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