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Advanced Concepts in Applying TOGAF® 9

Delivered by Master Certified Open Group Architect, Jason Uppal

Is your Enterprise Planning process still stuck in once a year show and plan changes as soon as it gets approved?  If yes, come learn how you can create a Continuous Planning Practice. This case study and workshop will prepare you to make difference by delivering the following results: 

  • Total Cost to Plan and Manage Business/IT Investment Plan 
  • Time to Plan (elapsed time to update and communicate the plan)
  • Plan Accuracy - Scope, Timeline and Cost of Project (Planned vs. Actual)
  • Business Goals - Performance of new/refreshed Capability [Planned and Actual]
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction - Are you meeting their needs?

Strategic Planning, Investment Governance and Enterprise Architecture –Case Study and Workshop

How can a TOGAF® based Enterprise Architecture practice can help improve Enterprise Planning, Investment Governance and integrate itself into the Enterprise Value Delivery life cycle. This workshop will illustrate where the advanced feature fits in the TOGAF Architecture Capability Model and what level of maturity the advanced concept is at. This presentation and workshop is based on two real-life projects - one from a large investment firm and the second from a healthcare insurance firm.

Specific topics will include: 

  • Lecture and Case Study Results 
    • What is Capability Based Value Delivery (CBvd) life cycle, how TOGAF, PMI, ITSM and CoBIT frameworks enrich it
    • How Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning and Investment Governance integrate  together?
    • What are the key characteristics of a well managed  Enterprise Planning, Investment Governance and Enterprise Architecture practice 
    • Projects background, Review Results, Opportunities and Challenges
    • Workshop: Enterprise Planning and Enterprise Architecture 

Scenario: Assume a fictitious organization that has well defined Enterprise Planning, Investment Governance and Enterprise Architecture practice. Planning group receives more 100 project requests during the annual planning cycle and requests continue to trickle in throughout the year. How can enterprise planning group exploit both Enterprise Architecture and Investment Governance capabilities to manage the planning process and meet the needs of all the stakeholders. 

  • Use CBvd Triage process to categories incoming business request
  • Map what CBvd Enterprise Architecture Service will be required to manage the request
  • Execute the Service and create a portfolio of projects
  • Identify Challenges and resolutions
  • Use remaining conference to ensure you meet the right people who can help you resolve your challenges.

After the workshop, facilitator will compile all workshop martial and make available to the attendees.

Jason UppalJason Uppal
Chief Architect, QR Systems and Open Group Master IT Architect

Jason Uppal is a professional engineer registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, a graduate degree in Economics and a post graduate diploma in Computer Science.

Jason is recognized expert in Business Process Re-Engineering, Continuous Improvement and Automation. His Value Delivery skills transcended him to Enterprise Architecture and were awarded Master IT Architect certification by the Open Group in 2005. Since then he has successfully completed the re-certification in 2008. Jason is an active member of Enterprise Architecture community, a frequent speaker at many EA and IT governance related conferences and member of The Open Group Architect Certification board since 2005.

Jason holds Chief Architect position with QRS ( ). His latest research interest include, Define Explicit relationship between  EA Maturity, Investment  Complexity  and Business Value, IT Organization of the Future and Testability of Architecture Requirements.


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