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The New World of Enterprise Architecture, from IT Architecture to Enterprise Architecture

Mike Walker
Principal Architect, Enterprise Strategy & Architecture, Microsoft

Enterprise Architecture organizations have struggled for decades to find their way, the journey from IT Architecture to Enterprise Architecture has been long and hard to reach the right focus and level of partnership with the business. The industry has now reached to what is the beginning of the New World of Enterprise Architecture. In this new world of Enterprise Architecture it doesn’t align to the business but rather it truly partners with the business to accelerate and amplify business value.

In this presentation we will discuss:

  • How to best navigate the new landscape of Enterprise Architecture
  • How to change the mindset of Enterprise Architects
  • Identification of key industry methods to complement the standardized TOGAF framework
  • Models and tools that aid in identification of business value
  • Microsoft’s unique position and methods they use to solve these problems internally within their Enterprise Architecture team and within strategic engagements with customers

PhotoMike Walker is a Principal Architect in Microsoft’s Enterprise Strategy & Architecture organization. He is responsible for the creation of strategy, executive briefings and the execution of Microsoft’s vision on Enterprise Strategy and Architecture. As a practitioner in the Enterprise Architecture space he held key positions as a Chief and Enterprise Architect in industry segments such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Government and High Technology. He has been instrumental in the creation of Strategic Planning, Enterprise Architecture Management, and Research and Development.

Additionally, Mike has evolved many of the concepts behind mainstream architectural approaches and styles. His works are realized through the publication in books, trade publications, authoritative architecture guidance, articles and standardized frameworks. Walker is quoted and referenced throughout the industry as an expert in architecture shown though in articles and books such as, “Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post- Gates Era”, where he is named as a key thought leader at the Microsoft Corporation. His frameworks and works are not only used by Microsoft Corporation but have been featured in media outlets such as:,,,, and has been demonstrated in keynotes by Bill Gates at industry events.

Walker’s insights can be found on his blog or the Microsoft Enterprise Architecture Portal (

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