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The Open Group Healthcare Forum is engaged in leading edge, member-driven programs of work.  We are focused on deriving solutions through private and public sector collaboration.  Our US and international members are working in a close partnership with the US Federal Health Architecture program managed by the Office of the National Coordinator at the Department of Health and Human Services to evaluate and assess adoption of their standards driven Federal Health Information Model (FHIM).  The FHIM is a cornerstone of interoperability and this work is key to a wide range of member interests, both in the US and internationally.  Our focus on mobile health technologies is an extension of this work.  In addition, the Healthcare Forum is beginning a new program of work intended to facilitate consensus in architectural solutions to simplify the administration of provider data directories.  This work impacts payers, providers, and patients.  The Healthcare Forum places the person at the center.

(The Open Group Healthcare Forum focuses on bringing  Boundaryless Information Flow™ to the healthcare industry enabling data to flow more easily throughout the complete healthcare ecosystem. By leveraging the discipline and principles of Enterprise Architecture, including TOGAF®, an Open Group standard, the forum aims to develop standardized vocabulary and messaging that will result in higher quality outcomes, streamlined business practices and innovation within the industry).

In order to lead to better solutions that support better patient outcomes, we encourage the participation of global healthcare organizations as well as healthcare industry stakeholders.








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