The Open Group Conference India 2011

Infosys Technologies 2010 Annual Enterprise Architecture Survey - Review and Comparison

Yogesh Bhatt
Principal Architect, Infosys

Yogesh Bhatt, has 13 years of professional experience in technology consulting and solutions implementations, in areas of Data Management, Master Data Management, Performance Management, Analytics, DW/BI. Currently associated with Software Engineering and Technology Labs (SETLabs) Information Management Consulting at Infosys as Principal Architect.

J Srinivas

J Srinivas has over 16 years of industry experience and is currently heading the technology and architecture group for Banking & Capital Markets unit for Europe region in Infosys Technologies. Ltd. He has been working with agile processes for over 8 years. He co-created the InfySwift framework for executing agile projects with distributed teams in Infosys.

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