The Open Group Conference India 2011

From Shelfware to Vitalware - Synergistic Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Shankar Kalyana
Distinguished Engineer & CTO, IBM, India

Organizations across the world have spent billions of dollars on Information Technology systems to power their business, but few have figured out how to evolve the solution space in alignment with the strategy space. The business value of EA will be much better realized when it is tied at the hip with the definition and direction of the various solutions that make up the spine of the enterprise. Equally, the vitality of EA is maintained by continual feedback and learnings from the various solutions. This session will provide key insights on how to achieve such synergy between Enterprise and Solution Architectures

Shankar Kalyana

Shankar Kalyana is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Global Business Services in India. In his current role, Shankar leads the emerging solutions domains like Smarter Cities and Complex Solutions. He advises and guides IBM’s clients on the effective use of Technology to address complex business challenges, and driving the internal organizational technology capability to enable IBM deliver to the Client needs effectively. Shankar drives the Solutioning capabilities as the Solution Design leader for India. He is equally responsible for driving the Technical Eminence programs in IBM India and enabling IBM’s professionals to pursue a fruitful technical career path.

Shankar’s 25-year experience in IT, the last 10 in IBM, spans all phases of the software lifecycle and multiple customers in various roles. He has architected, designed, developed, and implemented both custom and packaged software solutions, across various environments and platforms. In his role as a technical advisor, he has counseled and assisted Senior Client Executives with IT strategy and Enterprise Architecture.

Shankar is a thought leader in the domains of Service-Oriented Enterprise and Solution Architectures, with a focus on bridging the Business-IT gap and improving business flexibility and agility. Shankar is an IBM Certified IT Architect and a member of the IBM IT Architect Certification Board in the Americas and Asia-Pacific. He is a core member of IBM’s Global Technical Leadership team, a member of IBM’s Growth Markets Unit Technical Skills Development Board, and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Shankar is the recipient of multiple awards, including two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards in IBM.

Shankar holds a Master's degree in Information Science from The Pennsylvania State University.

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