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A Scenario Driven Approach to Cloud Security Architecture

Stuart Boardman
Senior Business Consultant, Getronics Consulting, Netherlands

Stuart will present the method developed by the Open Group's Security for the Cloud and SOA project, to be published as a white paper concurrently with this conference. The purpose of this white paper is to demonstrate a scenario based approach to developing a security architecture for the Cloud. We examine the scenario from the perspective of a Cloud buyer organization. It enumerates through three potential situations: Buyer Centric, Seller Centric and Cooperative. In each situation, use cases involving negotiation of policy relating to major architectural building blocks of a Cloud Security architecture are considered. In particular we focus on the considerations and implications of responsibility and accountability for the building blocks per situation and look at policy negotiation and interoperability.

Stuart BoardmanStuart has been active in IT for 23 years following an exciting but ultimately unsuccesful career in music. He has been involved in the SOA and Cloud working groups of The Open Group since their inception and is co-chair of the Security for The Cloud and SOA project. Following the principle “be reasonable, demand the impossible” (Paris 1968) Stuart believes it is both possible and necessary to combine the practical with the principled.

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