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Extending EA to the Enterprise - How to Talk to your Audience and Stakeholders

Robert Coelho
Founder & Chair, AOGEA Brazil Chapter

Presentation based on real experiences on how to convince the stakeholders of companies the value of EA, from the sponsors to the technical staff passing through the business people giving practical strategies, For instance: centralize repository, ROI improvement, quick wins.

Implementing those real world strategies the enterprise will achieve some benefits like:

  • Quick wins and long-term wins
  • ROI improvement
  • Breaking silos, respecting the boundaries
  • Make the information flow

Roberto CoelhoRobert Coelho, better known as Roberto Severo, is a 42 years old Enterprise Architect, TOGAF Certified. Also has a large experience on IT architecture.

Founder (and chair) of the AOGEA Brazil Chapter. Have cases of success implementing TOGAF and Zachmann frameworks in many companies.


- IBM training programs on UNIX (2000)

- IT architecture forum (2004)

- USP (University of Sao Paulo) on data integration (2005)

- AOGEA Brazil Chapter on Company Web (2010)


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