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An Enterprise Architect in the land of Architects and Civil Engineers

Peter Edwards
Associate Director, IT & Communications Consulting, Arup

The introduction of enterprise architecture into the world of conventional architecture and civil engineering is a relatively recent phenomenon. Arup is one of the best known engineering, consulting and design firms in that environment and its work - on projects ranging from the building of Olympic and other major sports facilities (most recently in Beijing and now in London), to airports, and buildings for industry, education, research, leisure and health - creates some interesting challenges and opportunities for the introduction of EA.

This presentation will describe some recent experiences at the confluence of these distinctly different worlds of architecture.

Peter EdwardsPeter Edwards leads the Business Systems and Architecture practice within Arup, a global design, engineering and consulting company. The practice provides services to help customers to gain greater value from their IT investment. These include requirements analysis, strategy and enterprise architecture, project governance and ICT procurement advice. Peter is currently helping the UK’s Olympic Delivery Authority to create the London 2012 Olympics infrastructure, working in the role of Chief Enterprise Architect. He has previously worked with other clients to optimise and to develop their use of IT and was formerly the CTO and CIO of the UK's Defence Academy. Recent projects have involved desktop, server, network and storage virtualisation; transition to cloud services (and back!); and master systems architecture development for major construction programmes, sports facilities and transport infrastructure. Peter holds The Open Group’s qualification of Master Certified IT Architect.

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