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Agile architecture - blazing a trail through the business/IT alignment jungle

Peter Haviland
Chief Architect, Ernst & Young, USA

Ask any CIO or Head of IT what their top issues are: chances are that achieving business/IT alignment is near the top of their list, together with other (not insignificant) challenges such as innovation, multi-sourcing, better project delivery and general performance improvement.

These are tough problems with no easy answer: this presentation looks at ways that architecture can be used to achieve some degree of alignment between business and IT, as well as discussing some tricks to set up teams for success and more importantly, demonstrate success in this area.

Peter HavilandPeter Haviland is chief architect within Ernst & Young's global architecture practice. He has worked around the world in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe, working with clients to articulate how business can better exploit technology, and set up architecture functions for success.

Peter is a regular contributor to various industry knowledge forums and has recently published articles on such topics as value-centric architecture, risk mitigation via cultural governance, and improving business/IT alignment through enterprise architecture.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Industrial and Aeronautical Aerodynamics in addition to a number of architecture-related qualifications including L3 ITAC and TOGAF 9.

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