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A New Service Oriented Approach to Solution Architecture

Peter Kuppen
Peter Kuppen, Enterprise Architecture Profession Lead, Deloitte Consulting B.V., Netherlands

This presentation will show an innovative new approach on the Delivery of EA Solution Design in a business-like manner. The concept addresses two major aspects, being a true collaborative business way of working and implementation of an model driven architecture (MDA) accelerated modelling. By the use of a Commercial Product (CP), a pre-defined set (portfolio) of managed (architecture oriented) services are discussed with Business. Such a CP is stated as a platinum/gold/silver coded managed service. Furthermore the supply organisation has a pre-defined set of proven Solution Products (SP), resulting in an accelerated solution design cycle, leveraging elements of the reference architecture. This is done in such a way that clear governance results in an optimised Operating and Architecture Delivery Model in order for the Demand and Supply part of the organisation to steer on their individual performance. An accelerated, collaborative and integrated new way of working, bringing Business and IT more closely together.

Peter KuppenPeter Kuppen is the Enterprise Architecture Profession Lead for Deloitte Netherlands. He has done extensive Enterprise Architecture work internationally with numerous clients over different Industries. He has a lot of experience and expertise in the area of Enterprise Architecture Capability Improvement, being coaching, training, setting-up EA- function and -governance and transforming the EA Operating and Delivery Model in order for companies to mature and excel.

He has worked with numerous big customers on the empowerment of their EA capability and proceeding in making EA a business discipline.

Peter holds a Bachelor degree in Electro Technical Engineering, studied General Management at the Rotterdam School of Management and Change Management at the SiOO Institute.

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