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A novel IT Strategic Planning Methodology based on Enterprise Architecture

Mouhsine Lakhdissi
CTO, Neoxia Maroc, Morocco

Defining IT target state and the specific roadmap to attain it, are main focuses of IT strategic planning which is considered increasingly as the basis for IT decision-making and governance. Unfortunately, it hasn’t evolved with the same speed as other fields in the IT sphere. Most of the techniques, approaches and methods related to IT Strategic Planning date back to the 80s or 90s and are most often oriented business rather than IT. Enterprise Architecture is a really promising discipline aimed at capturing the as-is architecture of an enterprise, defining the target and the roadmap to get from existing to desired state. In that way, it is tightly related to IT strategic planning and it can provide a framework to fill the gap and contribute in structuring and formalizing IT Strategic Planning field. Enterprise Architecture benefits from a standardization effort as well as from tool support. Deliverables and artifacts are generally well defined and structured in the existin! g frameworks. This presentation introduces a new methodology for IT Strategic Planning based on Enterprise Architecture with a case study of a project conducted with this methodology.

Mouhsine Lakhdissiis a Partner in a consulting firm specialized in IT Architecture. He received a Master degree in Software Engineering in a leading engineering school in Morocco. He also served as Chief IT Architecture in many companies with international exposure. His research interests include Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance and processes and Software industrialization.

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