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Modelling for Business Change - EA, ArchiMate® & transforming universities

David Rose,
Enterprise Architecture Practice Group lead, JISC CETIS

Wilbert Kraan
Assistant Director, JISC CETIS

Adam Watson
Portal Content Manager, Leeds Metropolitan University

The UK University sector is undergoing unprecedented change in the face of a seismic shift in funding, competition and student expectations. Information technology and services are recognised as key to their development. Almost a quarter of the community is now adopting the enterprise architecture approach as an enabler of change, with modelling and the ArchiMate language as essential building blocks.

After introducing this community programme, the business drivers and its unusual ‘just’ enough’ approach to Enterprise Architecture and modelling, we’ll describe how and why ArchiMate became a natural choice and how analysts and architects learned to do modelling on slender budgets learning from each other. Our case study looks at how a university got started with ArchiMate, along with their challenges and lessons learned, followed by some early success stories and future directions.

David RoseDavid Rose is an innovation and change consultant and has been involved with the JISC EA programme since the start.  He has also worked with The Open Group on new projects since the mid ‘90s, including ther ITAC programme

Wilbert KraanWilbert Kraan's field is specifications, standards and interoperability and is ArchiMate lead for JISC.  He also represents the university sector on international standards bodies. 

Adam WatsonAdam Watson's
specialism is Project Management and Business Analysis in the Higher Education and Health sectors. Though new to EA he is now Leeds Met’s lead on Archimate modeling and its application in the current programme of EA and SOA adoption to support strategic business process change through a JISC sponsored project.

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