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Target Architectures: creation, communication, visualisation and what does it mean in terms of business change

Steve Ross-Talbot
CTO Europe, Cognizant Technology Solutions, UK

Sanda Morar
Principal Architect, Cognizant Technology Solutions, UK

Togaf ADM requires the creation of Target Architectures in several ADM phases. Togaf provides guidelines for creating such Target Architectures that are very,very useful for experienced Togaf
Architects. For less experienced Togaf Architects, Togaf is not very prescriptive in the creation, communication and visualisation of the Target Architectures and it says little about how to embed and
manage the business change in the Target Architectures. This paper describes our approach and examples of success stories about creation, communication and visualisation of Target Architectures and what does it mean in terms of business change

Steve Ross-Talbot Steve Ross-Talbot is the Chief Architect, Cognizant Technology Solutions. Steve has been involved in computational science since
1975 - a long long time. He has published various papers over the
years too. His main interests are centered on using formal methods
to build robust distributed systems. The idea of getting it right and proving it has been a driving force for Steve, this is why SOA, BPMN, BPMN2, SOAML and WS-CDL are close to his heart along with formal techniques for modeling, verification and simulation and form the basis much that he does at both the Pi4Technologies Foundation and Cognizant Technology Solutions

Sandra MorarSanda Morar is a Principal Architect/Senior Manager and leads the
Enterprise Architecture Practice within Cognizant's Global
Technology Office in Europe. Sanda has over 20 years experience
working as an Enterprise/Solutions Architect and Consultant for
large scale projects worth up to 100 million British pounds

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