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IBM's Cloud Computing Reference Architecture Applied

Julie Schuneman
Global Lead Architect for Cloud Computing, IBM, USA

Heather Kreger
Lead Architect, SOA, Policy, and Smarter Planet Standards, IBM Software Group, USA

Come and hear about IBM's latest contribution to The Open Group, the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA). This session will provide an overview of the CCRA and share some of the history behind its development and its heritage from SOA. We will also position it with other work in The Open Group SOA and Cloud Work Groups. In addition we will do an example of applying the CCRA to provide real solutions for users.

Julie SchunemanJulie Schuneman
Julie Schuneman is a global lead architect for cloud computing. She is responsible for technical leadership for IBM teams working with clients around the world to implement cloud computing solutions. Her primary focus has been on understanding client workload requirements and mapping them to the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture in order to design and build both private and public cloud services. She has worked with clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Prior to moving to cloud computing, Julie was a recognized expert in IT optimization, working with clients around the world to drive the most value from their IT investments.

Heather KregerHeather Kreger is IBM’s lead architect for SOA, Policy, and Smarter Planet Standards in the IBM Software Group. With 15 years of standards experience; she has led the development of standards for Web services, Management and Java in numerous standards organizations, including W3C, OASIS, DMTF, and The Open Group. Heather is currently co-chair and liaison for The Open Group’s SOA Work Group and led collaboration with OASIS and OMG to develop and jointly publish the “Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture” paper. She is also liaison for The Open Groups Cloud Work Group, representing SOA and Cloud work groups to INCITS DAPS38 (US TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC38) and ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC7 SOA SG. Heather contributes significantly to The Open Group’s SOA Governance, Service Integration Maturity Model, SOA Ontology and SOA Reference Architecture standards. In addition, Heather held leadership roles in: OASIS Web Services Distributed Management Technical Committee, DMTF WSDM Mapping Work Group, DMTF Resource Catalog Work Group, W3C Web Services Architecture, Web services in J2EE (JSR109) Expert Group and Java Management Extensions (JMX) Expert Group. Heather is also the author of numerous articles on SOA, Web services and management in the IBM Systems Journal, Communications of ACM, Web Services Journal and her own book “Java and JMX, Building Manageable Systems”.

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