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Business Architecture: Communication is 80% of the work

Dave van Gelder
Global Architect, Capgemini, Netherlands

For Architects communication is always a major part of their work. Research we did, 15 years ago, on the amount of communication related work in architecture projects showed that 80-90% of the work of an Architect was communication related. I sometimes call myself the translator for the stakeholders. In TOGAF the notion of views and viewpoints is introduced. For Business Architects communication is as important, but also more difficult than for IT Architects. During my work as a Business Architect I experienced that, although views and viewpoints also apply, communication is influenced by other factors as well. The different languages of the stakeholders is one, but only one and in my opinion not even the most important of those factors. This presentation will give insight in problems I experienced in communication during my work as a Business Architect and the solutions I used.

Dave van GelderDave van Gelder joined Capgemini in 1985. He is concerned with Architecture Design and consultancy in those cases were an integrated view in relation with business processes is needed, he was a co-developer of Capgemini’s Architecture approach IAF and has designed and performed all kinds of Architecture trainings, including TOGAF 8.1 and TOGAF 9 trainings. He is the chair of the Business Architecture Work Group of the Open Group.

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