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Organizational Intelligence

Richard Veryard
Director, Next Practice Research Initiative, UK

Most enterprises are faced with demands and opportunities for deploying the latest smart technologies and social networking tools, both internally and externally. But fancy software won't achieve its potential for business benefit without an architectural framework. Proper and coordinated use of these tools can result in significant improvements in the ability of the organization to detect and interpret changes in the environment, to respond decisively and appropriately to these signals, and learn rapidly from new experience. These are all signs of organizational intelligence. The challenge is to deploy innovative technologies and working practices that will enhance the collective intelligence of the enterprise.

Richard VeryardRichard Veryard is well-known as an independent industry analyst. He spent many years working with the CBDI Forum as an expert on SOA and enterprise architecture, and was previously a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Texas Instruments, where he pioneered methods for component-based business, technology change management and business excellence. He has written books on business architecture and data management, and is currently writing a book on organizational intelligence, based on his recent consultancy experience.

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