EA and the New World Order

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Nilotpal Das, Solution Architect, Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

EA and the New World Order

Nilotpal Das, Solution Architect, Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Innovation, just like other creative arts (painting, sculpture, writing, etc.), has been considered to be a “bolt from the blue”. And structure has been considered to be the killer of creativity. I disagree. On the contrary, boredom acts as the white noise required to be creative.

While working with Invesco, I worked with the Strategy and Innovation team for a while. I had the opportunity to work on an ideation framework. This framework enabled a group of people to brainstorm around a focused problem, systematically prioritizing ideas keeping in mind the constructive constraints of cost, time and business value. This framework put structure around the creative minds, fostering innovation. Incubating new and fresh ideas to solve business problems that ranged from mundane to complex.

Having said that, fostering ideas is not enough. The enterprise must have the flexibility and agility to change and adapt the innovative ideas harnessed using the innovation framework. And this agility comes with knowledge of the enterprise, its components, relationship within and with the enterprise it lives in and the principles that drive its design and evolution. EA provides that knowledge through boundaryless information flow.

The industry progresses at a rapid rate. Google, YouTube and Facebook are being invented in garages. The business landscape is becoming more and more dynamic. We can no longer depend on “the bolt from the blue” for innovation. We must harness the creativity in the enterprise, we must mass produce innovation. EA provides the flexibility to adapt to innovative changes and the framework to harness the change. It provides the reference architectures to leverage the experience of the mature around social, cloud, analytics, mobility and what have you. It provides the environment to foster, develop and deliver ideas from concept to production from within the enterprise and from beyond.

Key takeaways:

  • Innovation does not have to be random and unpredictable, it can be structured and delivered as a part of a plan
  • Enterprise Architecture is not just optimum utilization of assets but a method to provide flexibility and agility to an enterprise
  • Enterprise Architecture methodologies such as TOGAF can be successfully used not just to document assets, but also to develop an innovation framework, delivering more than just the cost arbitrage.

Nilotpal Das is a TOGAF and Zachman certified Enterprise architect with more than 5 years of experience as an enterprise architect in the financial services domain (Invesco) and pharmaceuticals domain (Novartis) implementing TOGAF framework to align business and IT. Worked with strategy and innovation team at Invesco preparing the organization for revolutionary changes to align with strategic initiatives such as “speed to market” and “Driving Peak Performance”. Also involved with organizational transformation by scaling Lean and Agile methodologies to the enterprise level.



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