Architecture Led Business Transformation for a Telecom Customer

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Sharad Nalawade, IT Strategy Consultant, Collaborative IT Systems / Author and Adjunct Faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Architecture Led Business Transformation for a Telecom Customer

Sharad Nalawade, IT Strategy Consultant, Collaborative IT Systems / Author and Adjunct Faculty at Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

Faced with de-regulation policy, TFL, a monopoly Telecom operator faced uncertain future. The top management sets forth its corporate direction and plans to review and revamp its IT to support that direction.

Management identifies four business imperatives that needed to be addressed immediately:
1.Revenue Assurance
2.Eliminating overheads
3.Customer Focus and
4.Rationalize IT architecture

The overall morale of its customer base was low with impending uncertainty. TFL wanted to quickly turnaround the situation by engaging a consulting team to review, assess and discover its business processes and find the gaps. A team of 5 architects worked for 6 weeks closely with the TFL team to carry out a detailed gap analysis, IT portfolio assessment and highlight process gaps. To add to the complexity, TFL had 3 subsidiaries that worked like an independent enterprises duplicating IT and services. FromĀ  customers' perspective, a lot needed to improved.

CFO had a major challenges to address such as revenue leakage, call to bill and bill to receivables reconciliation. A number of IT packages were not fully utilized including the business critical billing system.

IT staff was underskilled. IT systems were outdated and many systems were highly vendor dependent.

We conducted a series of interviews with all the stake holders from business and IT to assess and then take up a more details analysis of business processes. Made several site visits to know how customers were being serviced.

The overall IT culture was to buy and use instead of build and utilise. Business and technology architectures were owned by theĀ  vendors. We developed a holistic approach to help architect the TFL enterprise using best practices from across the industry.

We undertook IT portfolio assessment and developed an IT Roadmap with detailed implementation plan. A Business and Technology architecture were developed to eliminate inefficient processes and redundancy. We also developed a well defined architecture guidelines to drive the change.

TFL was benefited hugely with the architecture led approach. TFL was in a better position after the EA project and engaged an implementation partner to move ahead with it enterprise transformation agenda.

Key takeaways:

1. Architecture led Business Transformation benefited the customer
2. Focussing on the business process gaps helped eliminate redundancy
3. Strategic approach to IT solutioning is prefered to buy and use policy

Sharad Nalawade has over 28 years of IT industry experience. He held strategic positions most of which in the areas of architecture consulting and implementations. His last stint has been with Cisco Systems as Director - Business Transformation where he headed "Winning In Architecture" (WIN) initiative. He has hands-on onsite experience of implementing EA programs for global customers creating business value.

He also worked with other reputed organizations such as Symantec, Accenture and Wipro Technologies, where he was involved with architecture led solution services for a number of cross-industrial customers such as Financial Services, Telecom and Healthcare.

Sharad had been a certified TOGAF architect and used his EA consulting skills to successfully map the industry architecture reference frameworks to TOGAF for a few customers.

Sharad currently teaches an elective course, "Business Transformation with IT" at IIM-Lucknow, where he presents innovative ideas about using architectures to create business benefits.

Sharad is an engineering graduate from Karnataka University and also an established author of two books, one of whcih has been a bestseller on



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