The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Cloud Language Foundation or the case for Cloud Interactive Ecosystem Language (CIEL) 
Vladimir Baranek
Vladimir Baranek, Enterprise Architect, Capgemini, US

The challenges of disruptive technologies and business models that Cloud enables means that today's language and ideas need to consider new ways to describe and understand the potential possibilities of this new cloud paradigm. This session will talk about current approaches and explain how new notations for Cloud will help explain and create better understanding and adoption of new cloud-enabled services and the impact of social and business networks.

The Cloud Language Foundation (CLF) represents a holistic approach to Cloud description languages, targeted at a wide range of audiences, and covering the complete design lifecycle from first vision to service execution, with proposed alternative name CIEL (Cloud Interactive Ecosystem language). The power of CIEL is in unified symbolic language, abstraction and minimalization of complex interactions, and preservation of translational capabilities into next stages of service design and execution.

As Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". Imagination is responsible for creation of initial vision and we need a language which can easily interpret whole process from first idea, through vision into realistic concept and translate it into cloud service execution language. Management and execution of businesses is not possible without appropriate knowledge, but more striking is that new markets and industry leaderships can't emerge in separation from imagination and vision.

To the human mind, symbols are cultural representations of reality and only humans can use symbols to think reflectively. These symbols emerges when a perception is separated from its action and represents a unique interpretation of semantics and as Wittgenstein stated " semantics is considered as a property of language, whereas meaning is often defined in terms of use".

This session will:
• Explain why we need a new cloud symbolic language
• Explore proposed Cloud Language Foundation and its ecosystem
• Compare todays IT and Business notations with the proposed cloud notation ideas
• Describe a Cloud Metadata World
• Represents Use Cases by Language and examples of symbolic tables

Vladimir BaranekVladimir Baranek  

Vladimir Baranek is currently Enterprise Architect with Capgemini. His role includes strategy development, architecture design and infrastructure implementation. Vladimir has published a number of articles on Cloud Computing and founded Integrated Cloud Framework (The ICF Group). Vladimir as a member of Open Group, is actively participating in Cloud Working Group and is co-author of CLF - CIEL

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