The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Cloud as an Internet (Enterprise) Architecture
Stuart Boardman
Senior Business Consultant, Getronics Consulting, Netherlands

The Cloud is an internet architecture. Cloud solutions are based on models and technologies, which come from the web world and are in many ways significantly different from those used within traditional enterprises. This affects not just IT but Enterprise Architecture as a whole. When we also take into account the continued growth of e-Everything, of the Extended Enterprise and the influence of Web 2.0, it becomes very clear that a meaningful Enterprise Architecture needs to look well beyond the traditional boundaries of an organization. In this presentation I shall present a view on how the practice of enterprise architecture can adapt to these new business and delivery models. I will argue that it is not the method (e.g. TOGAF) but the vision of the practitioner that needs to change and provide some scenarios to illustrate a possible approach.

Stuart BoardmanStuart Boardman

Stuart has been active in IT for 23 years following an exciting but
ultimately unsuccesful career in music. He has been involved in the
SOA and Cloud working groups of The Open Group since their inception
and is co-chair of the Security for The Cloud and SOA project. Stuart
is a firm believer that the times they are a' changing and if
enterprise architects don't start swimming, they'll sink like a stone
(Zimmerman 1963)

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