The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Closing the Gaps: Leveraging an Enterprise Architecture (EA) Approach to Improve Cyber Security 
Carrie Boyle
Senior Manager, Technology Risk Practice, Deloitte

The flow of the session will include: the key Cyber Security challenges,threats and risks facing agencies today, understanding the business strategy(issues, constraints and priorities) thoroughly before analyzing the security, considerations related to executive sponsorship, stakeholder involvement and governing the architecture, defining security principles to drive the architecture, establishing a common set of Cyber Security services and related controls (e.g., Incident Response, Identity Management, Configuration Management) and an overview of the process and steps for developing the architecture and roadmap. The session will include a case study to provide realistic examples of a Cyber Security Architecture and interdependencies between individual components of an organization tied to business, service, technology, data, and performance. The description of the governance model will include examples of how to leverage architecture to further embed Security into management processes related to: strategic planning, capital planning and budgeting and the system development life cycle (SDLC). Finally, the session will demonstrate how to leverage architecture to identify redundancies and deficiencies, opportunities for standardization and operational improvements related to cost avoidance and savings related to Cyber Security.

Carrie Boyle

Carrie Boyle is a Senior Manager with Deloitte's Technology Risk Practice. She has worked on Federal efforts such as the Federal Segment Architecture Methodology and the Federal, Identity, Credentialing and Access Management Handbook. Her focus within Deloitte is on ICAM and Cyber Architecture.

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