The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Demystifying Business Architecture and it's place within the TOGAF® ADM
Proteus Duxbury
Managing Consultant, The PA Consulting Group, USA

The TOGAF® ADM contains a whole chapter dedicated to business architecture and it has for a long time been a key EA domain. However Practioners, IT leaders and even business stakeholders often ask what exactly is meant by 'business architecture' and do not immediately see the need for it or recognize the value that a business architecture can bring to EA initiatives. This talk examines business architecture within the context of a TOGAF® led master planning exercise and clearly articulates what activities and deliverables are required and the rational behind these. Concepts will be presented in a clear, easy to understand manner that can be shared with IT leadership as well as your stakeholders in the business.

Proteus Duxbury

Proteus is an experienced Enterprise Architect and thought leader. A certified TOGAF® practitioner and a Managing Consultant with the PA Consulting Group based in Princeton, New Jersey. His approach to EA is pragmatic and focuses on the realization of business benefits, regardless of EA framework and tool.

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