The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing and the US Federal Government 
Ed Harrington,
Principal Consultant, Architecting the Enterprise, USA

Based on the recently released White Paper: " The Role of Enterprise Architecture in Federal Cloud Computing" by the EA SIG of the Federal Government Industry Advisory Council, this presentation will provide guidance to Enterprise Architects and others in developing an architected approach to implementing cloud computing. It contends that to be fully effective and provide the greatest value to organizations, cloud computing must:

  • Be architected as an integral part of the organization’s Enterprise Architecture
  • Provide for an effective governance mechanism
  • Be implemented as services as part of a Service Oriented Architecture

Cloud Computing affects the people, process, and technology of the enterprise and each of these must be dealt with. This presentation explains the basic elements of cloud computing and ties it to solid architectural foundations. The guidance in this presentation will help enable the benefits of cloud computing to be fully realized.

Ed HarringtonEd Harrington,

Mr. Harrington is a consultant and instructor with Architecting the Enterprise, a TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture Consultancy. Prior to this, Ed was COO of Model Driven Solutions and worked for two UK based companies. Before that, Ed spent 17 years at General Electric. Ed is past chair of various Open Group Forums.

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