The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Using TOGAF® to create an Architecture Practice at Lash Group

Michael Krumpe
Sr. Manager of IT Architecture, Lash Group; also owner, Intelligent Technology Integration

Prior to 2009, Lash Grup (part of AmerisourceBergen) had no formal Architecture Team. This case study is aimed at managers and/or architects looking to create or grow an architecture practice within an existing organization. It illustrates how to step into TOGAF® as an architecture life cycle, how to formalize architecture roles and deliverables, and how to dispel "fear" of TOGAF® as a guide.

Michael Krumpe

Michael Krumpe has been Senior Manager of IT Architecture at Lash Group for the past two years. He is also owner of Intelligent Technology Integration, an e-Business Consultancy.

Previously he has fulfilled roles as a CIO, Director of Technology, and consultant to Fortune 100 and Government organizations for enterprise portals.

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