The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Cybersecurity Command and Control

Mary Ann Mezzapelle, CISSP, CSSLP
TIL-F Chief Technologist, ITO Automation & Security Services, Office of the CTO, HP Enterprise Services

Government and business enterprises increasingly depend on large, geographically distributed networks and systems to perform their missions. Success depends on an organization's decision-making ability in the face of dynamic operational conditions. With the right framework in place, integrated leading-edge technologies create a responsive analytical tool that better positions the enterprise to maneuver through an evolving digital world. This type of complex event processing and real-time decision support framework creates cyber security command and control. The cyber security command and control solution enables situational awareness across complex environments, providing focused, enterprise-wide capabilities for security threat response.

Mary Ann MezzapelleMary Ann Mezzapelle

Mary Ann Mezzapelle is the chief technologist for ITO Automation & Security Services for HP, Office of the CTO. She is responsible for technology strategy and planning for HP Enterprise Services. Previously she served as strategic business planner, business transformation and technology advisor to major clients. Mezzapelle has 20 plus years' business and technical experience applying solutions for clients in industries such as financial, insurance, energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

Mezzapelle is a CISSP and CSSLP; and an active member of the Open Group Security Forum, San Francisco Bay Area chapters of InfraGard and the ISSA. She contributes to the security community as a conference speaker, conference planner, and CISSP domain coach. In her spare time, she's curing Type 1 Diabetes with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

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