The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011


Wednesday, February 9

  • 3:30 Registration and break
  • 4:00 Welcome and overview
  • 4:15 Lightning talks
  • 4:30 Session organization
  • 5:00 Breakout sessions
  • 6:15 Wrap-up
  • 6:30 End

TOGAF® Camp is an unconference where adopters of TOGAF® can meet and discuss whatever subjects concerning TOGAF® are on your minds, exchange ideas, share experiences, challenges and solutions.

At TOGAF® Camp, you are encouraged to share your thoughts in several open unstructured discussions. Attendees will go away with new or refined ideas that can be taken back to their own enterprises - together we expect to have a thoroughly stimulating experience.

NOTE: Registration for TOGAF® Camp is independent of the Conference registration. There is no fee but registration is required.

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