Trusted Technology & The Open Group

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We are developing open standards for a more trusted global supply chain

The Open Group provides a collaborative, open environment for technology companies, customers, government and supplier organizations to create and promote guidelines for manufacturing, sourcing, and integrating trusted, secure technologies. Our objective is to shape global procurement strategies and best practices to help reduce threats and vulnerabilities in the global supply chain.

Governments and enterprises that use global standards in their technology strategy and purchasing decisions can rely on a more comprehensive approach to risk management and product assurance when selecting commercial off-the-shelf technology products. Vendors and suppliers that adhere to these practices will be able to better protect the integrity of their products and services as they move through the global supply chain.

Leveraging its more than 20 years of experience in creating industry best practices, standards, certification and accreditation programs for global organizations in all verticals, The Open Group provides guidance and a vendor-neutral collaborative environment for The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF) members to identify industry best practices and define a globally recognized program for providers who implement the best practices.